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Each month, we want to bring you all natural featured meat. Our meats have no antibiotics, no hormones and no growth stimulants. Our monthly features allow you to get healthy recipes, learn more about our meat and offer incentives! Our monthly features is where you want to go to see current and previous features for that month. You can always take advantage of our monthly features as well!

We look forward to posting new features monthly. Remember, our meat is humanely raised, all natural and free range meat. If you have any questions, fill out our contact form or give us a call!

February – Healthy & Delicious Turkey

Hormone Free Turkey Breast | Liberty Delight Firms

Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving! For the month of February, we are showcasing this delicious protein. Turkey is such a versatile meal. It goes well with so many different ingredients and side dishes. You can also make it the star of your dish with some amazing chili, casseroles, pastas and more. Find out why Turkey is such a great selection for this month!

January – Healthy Pork Month

Lean-And-Healthy-Pork-Loin | Liberty Delight Firms

For the month of January, we want to show you that Pork is a healthy protein to add to your diet. Pork is truly the “other white meat!” Learn more about our selected cuts, easily purchase them and see some delicious recipes. This month is sure to satisfy your taste buds as well as give you information on how healthy pork can be!

Liberty Delight Farms Tailgate Package!

TAILGATE PACKAGE | Liberty Delight Firms

The football season is upon us and with that comes a time honored tradition before every game… the tailgate!. Getting together with friends before the big game and talking X’s and O’s over great food and drinks sets the tone for the day. Figuring out your menu can be a challenge! Let us make it easy for you! We are offering a tailgate package which includes 24 pieces of our all natural, hormone free meat for $45! All you need to bring is the charcoal and the grill!

September – Steak and Chops Month

New York Strip | Liberty Delight Firms

For September, we are all about steaks and chops! We are featuring New York Strip Steak, Bone-in Pork Chops, Flank Steak and Ham Steak. These delicious meat selections are sure to cure your appetite. Make sure to see our unique recipes and make something new this month!

August – Burger Month

Beef Burgers | Liberty Delight Firms

In August, we are all about burgers and our ground meat! We are featuring our Ground Beef, Ground Lamb, Ground Turkey and Ground Chicken! Click below to visit this featured page to learn more!