Welcome to Liberty Delight Farms Featured Pork Month!

It’s January and we are loving PORK! Did you know… that pork tenderloin has less calories that the same sized cut of chicken breast? The Piggy power that we get from it’s pure protein is amazing. Low in calories, lean and delicious, we challenge you to re-try our other white meat!! No doubt you have heard and read about how adding more protein to your diet can help you lean down, feel fuller longer and feed your muscles. Eating cleanly includes pure protein and good fats. Raid your local farmers markets for some fresh squash and apples as a perfect accompaniment.

How can bacon be healthy? Our bacon is nitrate free- cured with celery salt- as all natural as it gets!

Our Birkshire pork is hormone free, all natural and free range. High in protein and rich with many vitamins and minerals, lean pork is an excellent addition to any healthy diet. When you add pork into your meals, the benefits are incredible.

Check out some specific cuts we are highlighting , they are all available! Order online and pick up!

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Take advantage of the benefits of eating a true healthy meat!

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Our Featured Pork Cuts

Pork Chops

Boston Butt

Pork Tenderloin


This Month's Healthy Recipes!

Pork Chops with Sautéed Apples

Cubed Boston Butt Pozole Verde Soup

Orange-Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin

Healthy Bacon & Pumpkin Pasta

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