Looking for more information about our farm and why we are so passionate? Well, don’t take our word for it! See some real testimonials from our customers below. 

Liberty Delight Farms is the reason I eat meat.  Knowing how well Farmer Shane treats his animals and the love that goes into their care, makes me feel good to be a carnivore. And damn are their products delicious!  You can find me grilling up some of their clean, grass-fed beef in burger form or tearing into a cowboy ribeye caveman style - and the flavor is just unbeatable.  The Berkshire pork is tender and addicting - served with apple butter or a tomato rhubarb compote for me, and simply seasoned with salt and pepper for my sweetheart. I ultimately eat what the animals eat; and being able to taste those fresh, wholesome ingredients is something you'll never find at a commercial grocery store. Shane and Liberty Delight Farms produce products that you can feel good about eating, and after eating them you'll never be able to eat any other products again!

Hangry District
Michelle ScholtesFood Blogger, Hangry District

Spike Gjerde, a James Beard award winning chef and owner of Woodberry Kitchen and Parts & Labor, commented after a visit to Liberty Delight Farms with his staff…..

“So much goes into what Shane does.  I hope you don’t leave here without a sense of whenever beef  is on our menu, you’ll know where it came from and how much work went into it.  Shane is right up there among the best beef providers in the area.”

Spike Gjerde
Spike Gjerde

I've enjoyed buying beef from Liberty Delight since opening my restaurant 5 months ago.  The fact that I think it's a great product delivered by individuals that truly care about service and quality is only overshadowed by the fact that my patrons love their meats so much.  And for me, that's the bottom line.

Baba’s Kitchen
Chief Falafel Officer Baba's Kitchen

I’ve known Shane for a long time, over 10 years.  He provides a marvelous home for Great Pyrenees.  The care of the dogs is so important, so many dogs come back because people don’t spend the time to work with the dogs and teach them what they are supposed to do.  Shane has an amazing ability to connect with the dogs quickly and make them feel at home.  I always know the dogs I send to him will be well cared for.

Victoria Marshman
Victoria MarshmanFoster Coordinator, Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue Organisation