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Made locally in Owings Mills, Cozy Wicks candles do just that…make you feel cozy!   A 100% soy candle with a wooden wick that has a burn time of 81-95 hours.   Get ready to experience warmth and relaxation with these scents:

Dare to brave these exciting new scents SO FRESH (green apple, orange lily) BREATH (eucalyptus, fresh mint) UNWIND (lavender, orange blossom) SIXTY-9 (oud, vanilla, tonka) SANGRIA (raspberry, strawberry, cherry) POWER (neroli, honey) MIDNIGHT (nag, champa, sweet plumeria)

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Large Candle

SO FRESH (green apple, orange lily), BREATH (eucalyptus, fresh mint), UNWIND (lavender, orange blossom), SIXTY-9 (oud, vanilla, tonka), SANGRIA (raspberry, strawberry, cherry), POWER (neroli, honey), MIDNIGHT (nag, champa, sweet plumeria)