Dizzy Pig Spices.


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We carry 7 different types of spices ranging from;

Raging River: Good with pork, poultry, and salmon. has a Zingy flavor with real maple sugar and a mild heat level.

Raising the Steaks: Canadian-syle bbq rub with a medium heat level.

Cow Lick: Good with Steaks, Burgers, or Brisket with a peppery Texas-style flavor with medium heat.

Dizzy Dust:  A all-purpose bbq rub that has a Versatile BBQ flavor with a mild heat.

Mad Max Turkey: Not your average turkey seasoning.

Pineapple Head: Good with Fruit, Dessert, ham, or veggies. A tropical flavor with a mild heat level.

Tsunami Spin: Good with Poultry and Seafood. An Asian and Eastern blend with mild heat.

*Pls specify which flavor you would like in your order*