Grilling Box


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The perfect box to whip up a fantastic cookout! Each Grilling Box includes:

  • Hanger Steak
  • Bone-In Pork Chops
  • Bratwurst Sausages
  • Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • 4-Pack of Bacon Burgers
  • 1 pack of 100% All-Beef Hotdogs
  • BS Grilling Sauce (Kickin Pineapple BBQ or Smokin’ Chipotle BBQ Flavors!)
  • Dizzy Pig Spice Blend

Here are the Dizzy Pig varietals:

Cow Lick: Good with Steaks, Burgers, or Brisket with a peppery Texas-style flavor with medium heat.

Raging River: Good with pork, poultry, and salmon. has a Zingy flavor with real maple sugar and a mild heat level.

Raising the Steaks: Canadian-style bbq rub with a medium heat level.

Tsunami Spin: Good with Poultry and Seafood. An Asian and Eastern blend with mild heat.

Pineapple Head: Good with Fruit, Dessert, ham, or veggies. A tropical flavor with a mild heat level.

Ghost: Savory. Tasty. HOT

Crossroads: Authentic southern barbeque rub with mild heat and a down home pure BBQ flavor.

Dizzy Dust: All purpose Barbecue rub. Dizzy’s flagship seasoning. Versatile complete BBQ flavor with a mild heat level.

Wonder Bird: Blended with poultry in mind, this Herby, Spicy, Garlicky Sweet seasoning compliments chicken beautifully.

SPG – Chilies: The Ultimate Simple Blend of  salt, garlic, pepper, ancho chilies, paprika, chipotle and cumin.

SPG – Garlic: The Ultimate Simple Blend of salt, pepper, garlic and dill.


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Dizzy Pig Spice

Raging River, Raising the Steaks, Cow Lick, Pineapple Head, Tsunami Spin, Ghost, Crossroads, Dizzy Dust, Wonder Bird, SPG Chilies, SPG Garlic

BS Grilling Sauce

Kickin Pineapple BBQ, Smokin Chipotle BBQ